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Radiator Service

All drivers are fully aware that there is no faster path to catastrophic engine failure than an engine overheat. Luckily, it is quite easy to avoid this kind of problem if you keep up on your car’s radiator is absolutely unforgiving when it comes to the heat, so its our job to make sure that you have the knowledge you need to keep your engine cooling itself off with the efficiency it needs to keep your life moving.

Radiator Hoses – There are only a few hoses that send the radiator coolant through the engine to keep it cool. One of these, in particular, is constantly in contact with scalding hot water. Because of the constant abuse it endures, it is the most likely to experience issues. By making sure to use a high-quality part, and inspecting the hose from time to time, you can be assured that this vital piece of equipment performs for years.

Radiator Coolant – the coolant in your radiator is very much like antifreeze, this is because of its specific properties which increase its boiling point to a point which allows it to pull heat from the engine and bring it to the radiator for dissipation. This fluid also has a few important detergents which stop the inside of the radiator from deteriorating from the inside. The only thing you have to worry about it is to make sure that this fluid is changed out about once every 5 years.

Water Pump – By far the most expensive portion of your vehicles cooling system, your vehicles water pump is what actually moves the coolant through the engine, into the radiator and back again. The trick with this component is to make sure that if you have an opportunity to replace it, take the option seriously. Because of the cost of the part, and the labor it represents, it is very prudent to make sure that this process is conducted strategically.

By keeping these things in mind you give your vehicle the means to make certain that it can stay cool even under the most demanding of situations. As long as you make sure that you stay up to date on your radiator repairs and maintenance, you can expect that your vehicle will maintain a high level of performance while avoiding serious engine problems due to overheating. Ask your AutohausBurlingame technician to perform an inspection today. Call us at 650-342-3888

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